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Hey Team! I don’t know how often you hear this, but I just want to personally thank you for creating such an awesome software, it has changed my business and my life, and I just wanna show my appreciation by saying thank you.

Tim Morisma

The FGAP Team has taken the most difficult and time consuming task a Social Media Networker faces every day and made it simple. Posting to Facebook Groups. I was using Hootsuite, paying $10 a month, and posting to just 50 groups a day. With Facebook Group Poster I post to all 700+ ! Amazing product from a badass team.

Terry Kilcrease

Since we’re using the FGAP both me wife are much
happier (which makes me happier) and we now enjoy
marketing via FB groups again. The support we have
received from Aron and his team has been great and
he has always gone the extra mile for us!

Andrew John Cocks

I really like this software - it works great, has some very cool features and saves me a lot of time and comes excellent support!

Simon Longster

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  • Q.Does this work on a Mac?

    A.Yes, as our systems are web based (fancy talk for: It’s in the Cloud) our tools work on all major browsers.

  • Q.Are Tutorials Included?

    A.Yes, both video and written tutorials are available. If you choose for our Standard or Premium plans we even include a full knowledgebase of FAQ’s and their solutions + Email/Ticket Support. We got you covered!

  • Q.Do I need any technical skills?

    A.Simply said: No. All you need to do is create a so called ”App” (Free) to connect your social profiles to our Tools and you are ready to go. Of course, this is all covered in our Video & Written Tutorials.

  • Q.Is there a chance of my accounts getting Blocked/Banned?

    A.No, our systems work with special measurement tools and guidelines. If you adhere to these guidelines, you will never get blocked and locked out from your social accounts!

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